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“The right solution for your pond and lake.”

Our comprehensive range of services,devotion to customer service and vast field experience make Rollins Aquatic Solutions the right solution every time for the management of your lake, pond or waterway.
Your waterway is important to you. It’s also important to us. Because we are passionate about managing and maintaining ponds and lakes and the surrounding environment, you’ll find the high quality products and services we provide are second to none.

Rich Rollins

While working as a field technician controlling aquatic weeds and algae as a college student in 1989, Rich Rollins realized there was a notable lack of experts in aquatic weed control here in Illinois. This gap prompted his career in preserving ponds and lakes.

After earning his degree in botany, with a minor in zoology at Eastern Illinois University in 1990, Rich began his full-time commitment to the aquatic weed control industry.

Since then, he has devoted his entire career to preserving and restoring ponds and lakes in the Midwest.
Through years of continued learning and research, Rich has become a recognized, leading expert in the care of ponds and lakes. He has helped develop a vast array of best management practices and takes into consideration water quality, fisheries management, wildlife habitat, recreation and aesthetic value when prescribing and implementing a management program.

Rich is a long-standing, respected member of the following organizations that educate and support professionals in the aquatics industry:

  • Midwest Aquatic Plant Management Society
  • Illinois Lake Management Association
  • Aquatic Ecosystem Restoration Foundation

In 2007, Rich formed Rollins Aquatic Solutions, Inc. to provide clients with the very best customer service, highest quality products and most appropriate solutions.