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Growing populations of non-migrating Canada geese can destroy turf and create an unsightly and unhealthy environment from their droppings. RAS uses a product called FlightControl® PLUS that will encourage geese to move to other feeding sites.

FlightControl® PLUS will deter geese by removal of their food source. Geese feed on FlightControl® PLUS treated turfgrass and experience a temporary yet effective digestive irritation minutes to hours after feeding. The geese will not hesitate to eat treated turf if they have not encountered treated turf before. However, after eating treated turf, the learned memory association to treated turf and a post-ingestional irritation occurs. After one or several encounters with FlightControl® PLUS treated turfgrass, geese associate the UV absorbing material on grass leaves with the digestive irritation. Research has proven that after several encounters with FlightControl® PLUS, birds, including Canada geese, will not eat a treated food source and will seek out non-treated food.(FlightControl®)