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Rollins Aquatic Solutions is now offering customized lake and pond mapping services!

This is how it works:

Our technicians will gather sonar and GPS data on the water and then upload these date logs to our mapping program. This information is then formatted to produce specific mapping images and comprehensive data reports.

We can produce beautiful bathymetric and vegetation maps as well as provide additional details about a particular water body such as volume, size, and relationships between depth and vegetation.

Bathymetric Maps

Bathymetric maps produce information related to depth and volume of your waterbody. The map is comprised on coutour lines that show depths at specific points and depth changes.

This information can be used to figure the total volume of the waterbody.

If sediment analysis is requested, comparing bathymetric maps from year to year will show any changes in sediment buildup.




Vegetation Maps

Vegetation maps shows the percentage of the water column taken up by vegetation. This information is helpful when looking to target specific areas for controlling nuisance aquatic weeds.


The bathymetric and vegetation maps can be used together maintain a graphical history of a lake’s topography. This information can also illustrate changes over time in relation to invasive species, herbcide performance, vegetative abundance and resilience.